HUSKY is a two-man band from Melbourne/Australia with the members Husky Gawenda and his cousin Gideon Preiss. Growing up in a family where music always surrounded them,  it was just a small step to form ‘HUSKY’ in 2008.  They started playing small venues all around Melbourne and later on all over Australia. One day they received an unexpected call from Neil Young’s management, asking them to support Neil on his Australia Tour in 2013. Ever since, the band has gathered merely positive feedback from fans and superb critique, which led to their great success and seemingly never-ending tours through Europe and the US.

On April 10th, Husky released their latest album ‘Ruckers Hill’ in Europe (will be out in the US by June). ‘Ruckers Hill’ was recorded after they returned home after almost 2 years of touring the globe. It deals a lot with processing that time on the road and the feeling of being back home after a long period of time.

The EPK consists of an interview and 2 exclusive acoustic sessions.

DoP: David Willert
2nd Camera: Jan Brinkmann
Audio: Nils Gariboff
Interview & Postproduction: BEAR FILM