For 77 Bombay Street’s new song ‘Once And Only’ we came up with a Wes Anderson- inspired idea: A man, whose appearance is rather unusual, lives a double life: During the day he works in an office where he struggles with the bits and bobs of his daily routine – but at night his shady side, being an art thief, reveals. Everything was in perfect balance until a mysterious co-worker of his gets really curious…

Production: Bear Film
Actor: Fabian Oehl
Actress: Julija Steinhagen
DoP: Anthony Molina
AC: Yannick Zehner
Best Man: Luis Krummenacher
Production Assistant: Julia Krampe
HuM&Racoon costume: Shapeshifters FX
Styling: Lina Grund

Thanks to glispa and nhow Gallery for letting us shoot in your wonderful locations!

Thanks to schnittchen-berlin for the great food!