From the first line of a script to the final color grading – we will help you, to visualize your story.
You only need us for shooting or post production? We’re happy to help you with single elements within that process.



Our approach always derives from the main question: What is your story and how can we tell it in the best way possible. We produce corporate videos and web campaigns for your company. Your having a special event at a special location? We have filmed events around the globe for major brands and NGO’s. recaps.


You want to share your event, concert or speech in the exact moment? We have experience with live streaming in all scales on various platforms over the last years. You enjoy the event – we take care of the technical part.



Designers have always been storytellers. But photography is limited in conveying the most important part of the story fashion has to tell: Movement. By capturing your product in a corporate-commercial-style video we will bring your fashion advert to the next level. You want a recap of your shoot? We’re happy to catch the best moments in a behind-the-scenes movie.



You got some explaining to do? From the storyboard to the final sound design – our high-quality tutorials and explain-it vids will find the best way to explore complex processes in an entertaining story.



We love music. We started out by doing projects for the music industry and we still love to do it now: We produce music videos and EPKs. Furthermore our music magazine Berlin Sessions has given us a lot of experience in the production of acoustic sessions.



Writing tense storylines and transporting messages in emotional pictures is what we love most. Advertising, music videos or web series – we accompany every production step from the first sentence to the final color correction.


Longing for something new? We develop concepts for shows, video – and social media campaigns. To help you to reach the audience you want we specialize in Social Videos – innovative short formats that target the mobile audience. Therefore we will transform a five minute portrait into a compact story which will make it easy create high reach on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


Years of projects for the cultural field have equipped us with a sense for topics that matter. We travel the world to portrait artist, companies or interesting places and their stories.